Comprehensive Education Combining
Junior and Senior High School

Students are encouraged to think deeply about their lives, reflecting upon themselves during junior and senior high school, the most sensitive period of their lives. Since its founding, Seigakuin has always dealt with the education of the whole person in the spirit of Christianity. Our school nurtures students to be broad-minded, "unfettered and cheerful" with unique personalities, rich in feeling and able to see things from an international perspective. This spirit is characteristic of our school. Our boys discover the way to an abundant life through the six-year educational program combining junior and senior high school.

Message from the Principal

Hideaki TSUNODA,Principal

Only One for Others

Seigakuin Junior & Senior High School is dedicated to a character-building education which aims at developing students in a good balance of knowledge, virtue and health. Through the effort, tears and prayer of many people, our school has recorded the history of over 110 years since its foundation. We’d like to express our sincere thanks to all who have been related to our school. We are sure that what Seigakuin education has endeavored to realize, will be approved in the 21st century as well.

Seigakuin’s Educational Principle states as follows:
“Based on the conviction that each individual is given unique gifts by God, Seigakuin will provide an education that assists in the development and maturation of individual personality by building on the talents given to each person. Seigakuin’s educational principle is not defined as education with the goal of an individual becoming number one, but education with the goal of becoming one who lives for others. Development of individual personality necessitates a new human community created through education that helps a person become one fully dedicated to others.”

This is the DNA of Seigakuin, which has been inspiring living energy into all the educational activities which start with the morning worship service, and generating “the ability to learn”, “the ability to live” and “the ability to live with others.”

We hope that every student will develop a balanced personality, and every student will become an adult who can be thankful to God and other people by understanding that he has been helped by God and supported by many others.

We feel very happy when we realize that we are worth being for others. I believe self-realization is not the ultimate goal, but building a good relationship with God and others enables us to feel happy. If we are able to use the various abilities gained through efforts and experiences not only for ourselves but for society, we will be thanked by others and happiness and peace will be realized among us.

In the 21st century, the view of academic ability has been changing in developed countries in Europe, that is, from knowledge to the ability to think, to the talent which is useful in the global society, and to the ability to work together to solve problems. Seigakuin is ready to provide students with various opportunities to learn for themselves, to keep learning, and to learn and share their experiences with their classmates or others in their daily school life. For example, we use the so-called 21st century learning skill “Active learning” (cooperative learning method) in different opportunities such as in classes, in trial learning, in comprehensive study, in school events, and several projects. By learning together, a sense of community is generated and developed among the students, which helps them to become a man who can “be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep.”

Finally, I’d like to invite you to Seigakuin so that you can enjoy the school life together with other friends during your junior & senior high school days. We’re waiting for you to come to our school. Thank you.

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